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Canadian Northern Shield Insurance Company (‘CNS’) insurance products are distributed by independent brokers in British Columbia. What's the advantage? An independent broker works one-on-one with you to determine the most suitable insurance policy for your needs. With knowledge of insurance products from different companies, you can be sure a broker will advise you on your best bet for coverage.

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Brokers work for you, the customer, to find coverage that meets your needs. They are licensed by the provincial government or various provincial broker associations, depending upon the jurisdiction. You do not pay for the services of a broker; they receive commission through the insurance company. Here are some areas where a broker can help you:

  • Ask questions about what you'd like to insure to assess your needs
  • Access policy information from different insurance companies to find your best fit
  • Offer advice on the different premium payment plans
  • Assist you if you need to make a claim
  • Work with the insurance companies to change or amend your existing policy

At some point, you may wish to discontinue your business relationship with your broker but you want to continue to hold your insurance with CNS. If for any reason, you decide to change brokers, review the list of brokers who have contracts with CNS. Simply fill in your city and province to receive the contact information for all our current broker business partners in your area. Please note that completion of a new application form may be required so that your new broker has your most up-to-date information to understand your existing insurance needs.

Check out The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada website for more information about brokers.